CapsuleCaddy™ Container

We provide an integrated product research and development approach from feasibility assessment through clinical trials for pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals customers. As a comprehensive solutions provider, our customers look to us for all of their clinical trial material and service needs.

Big Solutions in Small Packages

Our innovative CapsuleCaddy™ container is the perfect size container for clinical trial batches, R&D projects, or small manufacturing runs – any environment where space is at a premium and a resealable lid is an invaluable convenience. 

The CapsuleCaddy™ container is made from 100% recyclable, high-density polyethylene to protect capsules from the degradation of light and moisture. 

  • Each lot and contents are clearly identified on the top and side. 
  • Caddies are filled with capsules in the most popular sizes and colors. 
  • Capsule counts range depending on capsule size.

The perfect quantity for small clinical trials and R&D projects

Our CapsuleCaddy container provides the perfect quantity for small clinical trials and R&D projects. Filled with Coni-Snap®, Coni-Snap® Sprinkle, Licaps®, DBcaps®, DRcaps®, Plantcaps® Vcaps® or Vcaps® Plus capsules, it offers the following benefits:

  • Sealed container provides protection from light and moisture
  • Tamper-evident lid and tie makes it easy to open and close
  • Certificate of Analysis and batch number included with each caddy
  • Container is stackable and easy to store
  • Plastic bag inside caddy protects capsules from contamination
  • Product information and handling requirements are prominently displayed on each caddy
  • Caddy is identified with capsule description
  • High-density polyethylene is 100% recyclable

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