Capsule Concierge™ Program

Opening the doors to innovation

This innovative program allows immediate access to a variety of Capsugel® capsules in different polymers and sizes to assist with early product development.

What is the Capsule Concierge™ Program

To support formulation scientists, Lonza has created the Capsugel® Capsule Concierge™ Program. This unique program is designed to help capsule selection and assist rapid and smooth development of innovative or generic capsule-based pharmaceutical products. 

The Capsule Concierge™ kit provides instant access to small quantities of Capsugel® capsules in multiple sizes, polymers and applications with corresponding information to help guide the capsule selection process. 

What is included in the Capsule Concierge™ Program?

  • Sealed single-use pouches of 50 capsules manufactured under GMP requirements
  • Custom acrylic case with 6 drawers to fit up to 10 pouches
  • Certificates of Analysis for the capsules included
  • Capsugel® Capsule Size Kit
  • Capsugel® Go No Go Gauge
  • Capsule Conceirge™ Guide which includes details on the Capsugel® portfolio and tools to guide the capsule selection process

In Summary, the Capsule Concierge™ Program...

  • Can help to speed up pharmaceutical research and product development
  • Provides a customizable and easy to replenish capsule sample selection
  • Is convenient and easily accessible
  • Offers a variety of samples to test during the early product development phase
  • Enables increased access to technical support during your product development phase

Products included are for R&D purposes only. Not intended for human consumption or use in clinical trials. Lonza is not responsible for product misuse.