R&D Capsule Supplies & Services

Moving a compound from the lab all the way through to the pharmacy presents numerous challenges. As a part of our innovative approach to support client’s development efforts, we can help streamline operations at key points in the clinical trial process.  

Ground Breaking Capsule Design

We specialize in innovative product design tailored to meet specific target profiles and commercial objectives. Our customers turn to us for the science and engineering expertise to bring better medicines to market. Four of our capsule products support the needs of preclinical and clinical trials.

Comprehensive R&D Solutions

Our unique combination of high quality science and engineering expertise is core to our offering at each stage of a product’s development and manufacturing cycle. We support our customers with a full range of services.


Lonza offers supplies and support to expedite excipient selection; develop a complete formula with chosen polymers.

Capsule Selection
We offer a complete capsule portfolio and full range of development services and equipment to support product development for specialized applications. 

R&D Sample Supplies
We offer a full library of capsule sample bottles in 11 gelatin sizes and 7 Vcaps® Plus sizes. 

CapsuleCaddy™ Container

Choose from a range of Capsugel® capsules in the innovative CapsuleCaddy™ container. It's the perfect size container for clinical trial batches, R&D projects or small manufacturing runs.

Hand-Held Capsule Filling System
Assemble R&D batches in house with our hand-help capsule filling system. Fully assembled, it’s ready to fill in 5 minutes and idea for small batches of different formulations.

Color Selection

Get easy access to color tools for making fast decisions about marketing colors in days before production.

Pre-formulated Colors
Select from a wide range of global gelatin and HPMC colors, and a palette of ink colors pre-developed for immediate use, meeting all EU and US standards.

Colorista® capsules  
Start stabilities studies before the final marketing color decision with our in-stock Colorista® capsules. Each capsule contains multiple approved colors that can be extracted from the capsule. Capsules are printed with a combined color print bar.


Complete support for rapid production of your finished stability batches.

Fast Turnaround
Place a Fast-Track or Custom R&D order to receive extremely fast delivery of custom color and printed capsules for stability batches.

Pre-developed Print Roll*
Use a pre-developed generic print roll to print your chosen color on your stability batch order and save artwork development time and cost.

Capsule Equipment
Specialized equipment for filing and semi-automated R&D and small-scale manufacturing.

Expert Consultation
Receive full technical support and assistance to ensure rapid development and on-time delivery.

*Contact your Lonza representative for the availability in your region