Ultra III™ Capsule Filling Machine

We offer a comprehensive range of hard capsule filling equipment for R&D investigations, clinical batches and commercial scale applications.

Ultra III™

Capsule Filling Machine

The Capsugel® Ultra III™ is a cGMP-compliant capsule filling machine with innovative and flexible design options to meet a wide array of filling needs.

  • Designed for high-speed semi-automatic filling applications in a cGMP environment, the Capsugel® Ultra III™ introduces cost-effective quality and performance with new touch screen control and a stainless steel tabletop. 
  • Numerous innovative operational and safety features of the Capsugel® Ultra III™ streamline the production process and facilitate speed to market by providing processing speeds of up to 33,000 capsules per hour. 
  • Combining our top-tier capsule filling machine with our unsurpassed service and ongoing technical support, you’re assured of reliable performance and excellent productivity for years to come.

Ultra III hard capsule filling machine

Manual Benchtop Capsule Filling Machines

Professional manual capsule filling machines to help speed the capsule filling process for R&D work, small clinical trials or other small operations. Contact us to learn more about capsule filling machine options available in your region.