Vcaps® Plus White Opal™ Capsule


With enhanced market scrutiny about the justified use of titanium dioxide as a white pigment in food supplements, and it's suspension in foodstuffs in France, the Vcaps®  Plus White Opal™ capsule has been designed to meet growing demand for food supplements that do not contain titanium dioxide.

Product Benefits:

  • No titanium dioxide

  • Semi-opaque for a natural white look

  • Plant-based capsules consisting of hypromellose, water and a semi-opacifier only

Benefits of Supplements without Titanium Dioxide:

  • Ingredient masking

  • Vegetarian and vegan capsule for clean label applications

  • Ideal for non-hygroscopic ingredients

  • Excellent performance on high-speed filling machines

The availability of the Vcaps®  Plus White Opal™ capsule solution varies depending on local regulation. Contact us for more information.