Discover Where Science Meets Nature at Natural Products Expo West 2020 – Booth 4047

March 03, 2020
Where Science Meets Nature | Your trusted partner for quality and transparency | Visit us at booth 4047 | Natural Products Expo West | Anaheim, CA | March 5-7

Lonza will be presenting its industry-leading range of naturally derived ingredients, capsules and delivery forms at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. Meet us in Anaheim, CA, March 3-7.

 Over half of US supplement users now seek products with sustainable origins – and as such, the holistic solutions at Lonza’s booth are crafted with quality, the environment and these consumer needs in mind. Lonza’s commitment to responsible business conduct will be demonstrated through its new ‘Responsibly Made’ capsules and finished products, including formulations featuring its patented, naturally unique Plantcaps® capsules.

 Made from naturally fermented tapioca, Lonza’s Capsugel® Plantcaps® capsules are a versatile delivery solution for the clean-label consumer. Suitable for both liquid and powder fills, Plantcaps® capsules provide oxygen defense for sensitive ingredients as well as helping to mask taste and odor. Lonza will highlight the potential of this environmentally responsible dosage form through formulations for healthy skin and hair, as well as an entirely vegetarian omega-3 supplement solution featuring algal oil for cardiovascular and cognitive health. 

At booth 4047, visitors can also find out more about Lonza’s clean-label food colored capsules range, including the new Vcaps® Plus Spicy Yellow and Red Radish capsules which are soon-to-be launched into the North American market. The Vcaps® Plus vegetarian capsule itself is made from FSC-certified hypromellose (HPMC) and water only. Engineered for optimal performance across all types of filling machines, the superior design of the capsules supports excellent machinability.  

Completing the at-show experience will be Lonza’s smoothie bar, where customers are invited to sample delicious beverages that showcase the latest additions to its plant-based ingredient portfolio. Both the new vegan MuscleGuard™ formula and Oceanix™, a sustainably-sourced phytoplankton ingredient, offer clinically-studied benefits for sports performance and recovery, while ResistAid®, an arabinogalactan for immunity support is sourced from North American larch trees. UC-II® undenatured type II collagen will also get the fresh juice treatment, as Lonza highlights new food and beverage applications for its joint health ingredient which is manufactured using clean-label processes. 

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