Probiota Americas Digital Summit

November 10, 2020

Event Overview

Event: Probiota Americas Digital Summit: Connecting the business and science of the microbiome

Date: November 10-12, 2020

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This year’s IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas 2020 Digital Summit will explore topics varying from the potential of CRISPR technology to unlock next-generation probiotics to the latest developments in the gut-brain axis, how modulation of the microbiome may impact athletic performance and recovery, and how to best communicate these benefits to consumers and healthcare practitioners.

Over the three days, sessions will run for two hours and offer attendees; keynote presentations, live panel discussions, presentations from the leading categories leading players, and live Q&A sessions.

Along with live and engaging content there will also be additional on-demand content available – some of what you might not be expecting! To ensure you don’t miss out Register Today.

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Vaughn DuBow

Lonza, Capsules and Health Ingredients

Vaughn DuBow is the North American Marketing Manager at Lonza for their Hard Capsule, Ingredient, and Dosage Form Solutions portfolios. With over 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and fitness industries, Vaughn is a proven leader with an in-depth understanding of product development and marketing within the health and nutrition sectors. Vaughn’s background includes Alfasigma USA, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Gaspari Nutrition, and iForce Nutrition, where he successfully managed product formulation, business development, and market research for core flagship brands.

Panel Session - Opportunities to better communicate the benefits of Probiotics & Prebiotics

Date: Thursday, November 12

Time: 11am-1pm CT

Key Learnings:

  • Probiotics for athletes and active people: how do they work?
  • The beneficial effect of probiotic supplementation profoundly relies on strain, dose, duration, form, and host physiology as well as the target population and the outcome of interest
  • Certain Probiotics improve immune health and nutrient absorption in athletes, increase athletic performance
  • L. plantarum TWK10® Improves Athletic Performance
  • What probiotic strains should I use for my specific sport and what are the clinically validated benefits?

The 2020 online summit is FREE to attend but Preregistration is required.

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