Virtual Innovation Day Supplements and Mental Health

March 18, 2021

Virtual Innovation Day

Event Overview

Name: Virtual Innovation Day, Supplements and Mental Health in the Pandemic

Original Air Date: Thursday, March 18, 2021

Time: 10am-12pm CET

Join us for a Virtual Innovation Day, where industry experts and thought-leaders will come together to discuss the world’s mental health and immunity challenges, and how we as an industry can address them.

This special virtual event will cover:

  • How can you tap into the market growth opportunity quickly with ready-to-market solutions using science-based ingredients and in-demand dosage forms?
  • What are the new “must-have” attributes for health supplements in 2021 and beyond?
  • How do you differentiate in a growing and expanding marketplace?

Speakers :

  • Ramasamy Venkatesh, Managing Director and CEO // Gencor
  • Benoît Lemaire, CEO and Co-Founder // Activ'inside
  • Dr. Laura Collins, Senior Business Development Manager // Kerry
  • Nicholas Morgan, Owner // Sports Integrated
  • Joris Dewit, Business Development Director // Lonza
  • Roel van de Put, Business Development Manager // Lonza
  • Zoltan Szepesi, Business Development Manager // Lonza
  • Stéphane Vouche, Marketing Manager // Lonza (Moderator) 
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