May 15, 2018

Vitafoods Europe is the annual event where the global nutraceutical supply chain comes together to do business. Source leading suppliers of dietary supplements, functional food and beverages and high quality service and equipment providers from across the industry's four key sectors. The event takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 15-17.

Lonza Consumer Health and Nutrition is bringing new innovation through "function and form" to Vitafoods Europe 2018 via its latest ingredients, delivery systems and finished product formulations for the nutraceuticals industry. Following Lonza's recent acquisition of Capsugel, Lonza Consumer Health and Nutrition is combining its science-backed ingredients with cutting-edge dosage forms. At Booth G10 at Vitafoods, Lonza will present its ready-to-market concepts for the healthy aging, probiotics and active sports nutrition markets.

Lonza Consumer Health and Nutrition will launch its patented UC-II® joint health ingredient to the European market at Vitafoods. Backed by multiple clinical studies, the high-quality undenatured type II collagen product has been shown to support optimal joint health at low dosages by improving comfort, mobility and flexibility.[1] [2] Visitors to the booth can discover a range of new, finished product concepts containing UC-II® ingredient.

On 16 May at 3 p.m. at the Ingredients Theatre, Jim Lugo, Chief Scientific Officer for Lonza Consumer Health and Nutrition, will further explore the ingredient’s benefits in a presentation titled: “UC-II® Undenatured Type II Collagen: Healthy Joints Start Here.” Additional ingredient highlights for the healthy-aging market will include Lonza's science-backed ResistAid® ingredient.

In addition to healthy aging, active nutrition is another emerging application for joint health, for which the company will demonstrate its latest combination products featuring Carnipure® ingredient, a high-quality grade of L-Carnitine. A well-established ingredient in the market, scientific studies have shown Carnipure® L-Carnitine to be beneficial for sports recovery, helping to reduce tissue damage and muscle soreness.[3]

New formulations at Vitafoods Europe 2018 will pair Carnipure® ingredient with Capsugel’s cutting-edge Licaps® liquid-filled capsules and will include probiotics combinations for exercise and weight-management benefits, as well as a concept with vitamin B12 and choline to aid recovery and treat fatigue.

The company will also demonstrate its Lipid Multi-Particulate (LMP) technology, designed to improve the performance of nutritional actives. Visitors will be invited to find out more about LMP technology and try the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) caffeine-drink concept at the company’s on-booth bar.

On Tuesday, 15 May, at 2.20 p.m. at the Sports Nutrition Zone Theatre, Dominik Mattern, Director Business Development at Lonza Consumer Health and Nutrition, will explore the ingredient’s active and sports nutrition applications when he delivers a seminar titled: “Sports and Active Nutrition Innovation through Function and Form”.

Experts will also be available to provide further information on the company’s leading dosage forms, including Capsugel’s DUOCAP® capsule-in-capsule technology. Various DUOCAP® probiotic capsule combinations to assure formulation stability and acid resistance will be presented for emerging applications beyond digestive health, including immunity, beauty and cardiovascular.

Lonza Consumer Health and Nutrition will further highlight its clean label capabilities through its new, innovative natural food-colored Vcaps® Plus Spirulina capsules. Considered the next generation of vegetarian-food colored capsules, the solution is now available in new colors and has been designed to support the development of true clean label solutions.

“Across the nutraceuticals industry, demand is increasing for ingredients and for encapsulation technologies that not only deliver high-quality results, but also improve speed-to-market and allow product line extension as they meet consumer needs and preferences,” said Beth Tormey, Vice President, Head of Business Unit, Consumer Health and Nutrition, Lonza.

"Our integrated solutions – from ingredient sourcing and formulation development to industry-leading capsule and encapsulation technologies and dosage capabilities – mean we can support manufacturers in doing just that," she added. "At Vitafoods Europe, manufacturers can explore our range of science-backed ingredients, advanced encapsulation technologies and finished product concepts, which will enable them to stay ahead of ever-changing trends and industry standards.”

More information about Lonza Consumer Health and Nutrition is available at Booth G10 or

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