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Our commitment to dosage form innovation goes beyond the supply of capsules. We can help formulators and R&D teams with a broad array of support spanning dietary and food supplement product formulations based on decades of experience with both health & nutrition and biopharmaceutical science formulations.

Lonza provides formulation solutions as a key aspect of our end-to-end service commitment, helping to enable successful development of nutritional products and optimal ingredient delivery.

Our formulators are fully equipped with advanced laboratory-scale equipment and tools and specialized methodologies for accelerated feasibility assessment, compatibility and development.  

Quality Engineering Services are available to provide training and consultation with powder formulations to help optimize performance on all brands of capsule filling machines. In-house manufacturing training is available to all our Capsugel® capsule portfolio customers.



Bioavailability enhancement

Liquid-filled gelatin and vegetarian capsules

Modified and targeted release

Powder and liquid-filled DRcaps® capsules; vegetarian and gelatin DUOCAP® capsules


Lipid multiparticulates (melt spray congeal) with Coni-Snap® Sprinkle capsules

Stabilizing phospholipids and unstable phytochemicals such as carotenoids

Liquid-filled hard capsules (Licaps®)

Odor masking liquids and powders

Liquid-fill hard capsules (Licaps®) and Plantcaps® pullulan capsules

Combining two incompatible ingredients

Liquid-filled hard capsules with beadlets; vegetarian and gelatin DUOCAP® capsules

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