What is the difference between Capsugel® Vcaps® Plus capsules and the first generation HPMC capsules?

The first generation HPMC capsules developed were manufactured by a process similar to gelatin in which a hot solution of HPMC is made and cold stainless steel pins are used to dip into the polymer bath. In order to produce HPMC capsules this way, a gelling agent and gelling promotion agent are needed to provide the film formation. HPMC is not self-gelling like gelatin. The added gelling agent combines individual strands of HPMC into longer polymer chains. These large strands are net negative (anionaically) charged which requires the use of a gel promoter like potassium chloride to balance the charge and make even larger chains that have enough size to deposit on the cold stainless steel pins. 

As customers globally tested the first generation HPMC capsules and experienced the variability, it was clear an alternative process was needed in which gelling systems were not used. That was the genesis of Capsugel® Vcaps® Plus which was created through a proprietary manufacturing process that eliminated the need of either a gelling agent or gel promoter – only HPMC and water. Capsugel® Vcaps® Plus are free from variability related to either pH value or ionic strength of the dissolution media.