Webinar - Driving optimal cell-level "observability" and data-driven process "guidance"

Lisa Graham, PhD and Clint Pepper, PhD presented a webinar on September 26th, 2013, focusing on Bend Research's overall cell-level "observability" concept and illustrate how the MAST™ platform is incorporated.

In the spirit of implementing PAT (Process Analytical Technology), biopharmaceutical companies are striving to gain a more fundamental understanding of what is happening to the cells within their bioreactors. Implementation of online tools like Raman and Dielectric Spectroscopy are helping to provide insight, yet there is still a gap integrating this data with off-line measurements such as cell density, viability, metabolite levels and titer. Bend Research, in collaboration with major biopharmaceutical companies, is working to advance MAST, a modular, automated sampling platform that can provide samples directly from bioreactors to analytical devices, while maintaining process sterility. This webinar focuses on this overall cell-level "observability" concept and illustrates how the MAST platform is incorporated.

See this webinar here.