Operational consistence and performance, combined with customer and product support have made Capsugel® capsules one of the most widely used for oral and inhaled medicines and over-the-counter products.

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Our pharmaceutical customers are continually motivated to speed the pace of discovery and develop both novel and cost-effective products that will help improve people’s lives. Lonza’s Capsugel® capsules lead the world in unsurpassed productivity and performance through innovation and quality. Operational consistence and performance, combined with customer and product support have made Capsugel® capsules one of the most widely used for oral and inhaled medicines and over-the-counter products.

Building on our history of innovation in polymer science and capsule engineering, we continue to launch ground-breaking capsule designs and equipment technologies that are improving drug development and delivery solutions. Whether you’re looking to formulate new products or enhance an existing line, Lonza’s Capsugel® portfolio has the right capsule to help you bring improved products to market faster. 

With a diverse offering including HPMC, liquid-filled hard capsules, or specialized clinical capsules, we are a global leader in capsule development and manufacturing, bringing unmatched products and technical support to our customers world-wide.

Global Manufacturing and Integrated Supply Chain

Producing more than 230 billion empty capsules per year requires a reliable, highly efficient and integrated global network. Our control procedures combine extensive manufacturing experience with the rigorous discipline of Six Sigma to assure the quality of our products and services is continuously improved.

With nine state-of-the-art capsule manufacturing facilities around the world, production equipment designed and fabricated in house, and dedicated and passionate professionals, we are ready to provide high-quality and customizable solutions to support our customers’ evolving needs.

Product Development Support

We offer an array of services supporting our capsule and encapsulation offerings, which can efficiently and effectively reduce product development timelines. These include:

  • Fast track R&D capsule offering, including a full library of R&D capsule samples and fast-track manufacturing of customized capsules for R&D stability trials
  • Customized color selection assistance and a global Color Selector tool called Build Your Own Capsule
  • Documentation immediately available on a customer portal
  • Proprietary laboratory scale equipment for both powder and liquid formulations
  • Specialized and customizable capsules designed to keep R&D on track and on time
  • Application lab scientists who evaluate shell compatibility and selection, physio-chemical characterization of powder mixtures, and optimal delivery of capsule-based dry powder inhalation
  • Engineers to help match your formulas to your equipment
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