Capsugel Announces Biggest Licaps® Liquid Capsules As Powerful Alternative To Softgels

June 22, 2007

New Size 000 Licaps® capsule a major improvement over softgels for booming fish oil and sports nutrition segments

Capsugel, the global leader in capsule manufacturing, announced today the availability of the 000-sized Licaps® capsules. Capsugel views this new size as a "superior delivery alternative to soft gels" in the dietary supplement industry.

Favorite formulas from all category segments that were previously encapsulated in size 0 and 00 Licaps can now be delivered in this largest Licaps size. The new capsule size offers a 1200 mg fill capacity, which is roughly equivalent to the most common soft gel size, 20 minims or one gram per dose. The new size can accommodate the fill of a 22 minim soft gel depending on the bulk density of the liquid formulation.

"Licaps capsules are the growing alternative with advantages over soft gels," said Robert Whitelaw, director of sales, marketing, and business development for Capsugel's Americas Region.

Those advantages include:

  • Protection against oxidation and potential degradation of the liquid
    • After the capsule is filled with the liquid, it is flushed with nitrogen to eliminate oxygen from the final sealed product, evidenced by a nitrogen bubble visible through the transparent capsule. Because the capsule has no plasticizers, it provides an effective barrier to oxygen transmission.
    • The robust seal further enhances the barrier to oxygen. Capsugel's patented liquid encapsulation by microspray (LEMS®) capsule sealing process creates eight times the seal zone area of a banded capsule, resulting in no need for banding and an effective one-piece fused capsule.
  • Because the capsule is less permeable than soft gels to oxygen, it effectively masks taste and unpleasant odors.
  • The "clean label" concept, i.e. no plasticizers, no additives, fewer excipients, no allergens, no GMOs.

"The Licaps market is growing by leaps and bounds. Development of the 000 size is an enormous extension of this extremely popular liquid delivery form," Whitelaw said.

"While the 000 is available to all dietary supplement markets, this new size is especially good news for the fish oil segment and the sports nutrition segment - both of which are popular and booming. Fish oil supplements commonly are sold in 1 gram dosages and can benefit from a Licaps capsule that will effectively mask taste and smell. The sports nutrition segment is looking for bigger and more potent dosages in one big package - delivered by size 000 Licaps with plenty of options for custom color and branding." In addition to delivering standard products in the 000 Licaps, Capsugel will also help customers customize liquid-fill formulas for this largest Licaps size.

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