Capsugel Launches Online Nutritional Supplements Bibliography

January 02, 2006

Internet tool offers technical, clinical and market information

GREENWOOD, SC - Capsugel, the world's leading supplier of empty two piece capsules, has launched an online Nutritional Supplements Bibliography. The bibliography, available on Capsugel's website, is a comprehensive database focused on research that supports alternative treatments. The tool was designed to assist dietary supplement formulators and marketers with essential scientific evidence information needs.

The Nutritional Supplements Bibliography offers convenient access to technical, clinical and market information, to assist the user in new product development, product positioning and marketing communications initiatives. By utilizing a simple database navigation function, the user is able to easily access supplement ingredient information, including:

  • The latest evidence-based information on herbs and supplement ingredients developed and reviewed by a team of physicians and pharmacologists
  • Over 12,000 double blind, placebo controlled and other scientific studies cited, with new studies added regularly
  • More than 200 articles on medical conditions, related therapies and scientific evidence for use
  • Critical interaction data between drugs and herbs/supplements

"The need for convenient access to scientific information on dietary supplement ingredients and uses has never been greater," states Scott Marsi, Global Product Manager of Liquids at Capsugel. "Market needs and trends are clear: the industry needs to improve consumer confidence. A more stringent regulatory environment is developing; trends show that sustained growth in the industry will continue to be generated by science-supported products that are well communicated to the consumer. Capsugel has a long tradition of supporting the responsible development of this market, and the Nutritional Supplements Bibliography service continues that tradition. Use of this valuable tool will help product developers and marketers make good development and product positioning decisions more quickly."

Capsugel is offering annual subscriptions to the Nutritional Supplements Bibliography as well as a free two week trail offer for each organization.