Capsugel Launches Pearlcaps, an Alluring Pearlescent Capsule Effect

January 22, 2007

Capsugel today announced the introduction of Pearlcaps, a pearled effect that gives two-piece capsule shells a glamorous pearlescent look in a multitude of color options in the dietary supplement industry. The pearled effect is not an added coloring but results from the unique combination of a hard capsule made from plant-based HPMC or gelatin with a light-reflecting pigment. A world leader in capsule manufacturing, Capsugel is the first capsule manufacturer to produce a pearled two-piece capsule.

The use of all-natural Candurin®, made of light-reflecting pigment composed of natural mica and titanium dioxide, creates the pearled effect. Candurin can be used alone to produce a striking pearl white or with other DS-approved dyes to create a palette of pearled colors of pink, green, turquoise, purple, powder blue, orange, charcoal, and various two-color combinations as well as metallic colors previously unavailable in capsules such as bronze, silver, and gold.

"In addition to offering new color possibilities, this aesthetic and eye-catching pearled effect can add sophistication to products. It helps make visually bland formulations more attractive. The use of shiny or metallic colors can fashion distinctive looks to differentiate brands," said Bob Whitelaw, Capsugel's Director of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development.

He added that Pearlcaps products have been well received in two markets in particular: oral cosmetic products and sports nutrition products. "The pearlescent look can complement and capitalize on the trend toward "beauty from within" and powerful presentations in both industries. The use of reflecting pigments in products is growing fast. Shiny, iridescent packaging and displays are in vogue and now the product can look as distinctive."

Previously used in topical applications and tablet coatings, the mica-based pearlescent pigment was approved for use in food and supplements by the Federal Drug Administration on July 20, 2006.

Contact: Missy Lowery at 864-942-3063