Capsugel Presents Bioenhancement Technologies and Patient-Centric Drug Delivery Advancements at AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition

November 05, 2013

Morristown, N.J., Nov. 5, 2013– Capsugel scientists will present and discuss innovative drug delivery technologies that can efficiently address some of the industry’s most pressing formulation and development challenges during the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition taking place in San Antonio, Texas, from November 10-14.

“Dosage Form Solutions will have a strong presence at this year’s AAPS, leveraging the additional technologies and capabilities brought by our 2013 acquisitions – Encap Drug Delivery and more recently, Bend Research. Our scientists will present and discuss various aspects of our premier bioavailability enhancement and modified and targeted release technology platforms along with illustrative case studies,” said Amit Patel, President of Dosage Form Solutions at Capsugel. “The DFS range of technologies allows us to quickly choose the optimal approach with which to meet a client’s target product profile and accelerate formulation and development timelines.”  

Capsugel DFS experts will lead two symposia and present 19 posters covering bioenhancement, modified and targeted drug release, and specialized healthcare applications, including abuse deterrence, highly potent API formulations, and inhalation technologies. 

Sven Stegemann, PhD, Director for Pharmaceutical Business Development at Capsugel will chair a symposium on patient-centric drug delivery addressing the diversity of today’s patient populations, which is challenging the traditional 'one-size-fits-all' approach to drug formulation and development. 

"More patient-centric formulations and drug products for the young, the elderly, and those with swallowing difficulties are urgently needed," said Dr. Stegemann. Capsugel will preview its patient-centric, easy-to-open Coni-Snap® sprinkle capsules developed by company scientists to improve adherence to treatment regimens. The new Coni-Snap® sprinkle capsule is expected to be available in 2014.

To learn more about Capsugel’s innovative portfolio of hard capsules, including its Coni-Snap sprinkle capsules, and to meet with formulation scientists with its Dosage Forms Solutions group, visit Capsugel’s booth (#2012) and Bend Research’s booth (#533).