Capsugel’s Press-Fit Gelcap Makes Paracetamol Line Extension Possible in France

May 16, 2012

MORRISTOWN, NJ, May 16, 2012– When Sanofi was looking to expand its popular paracetamol brand in France, they turned to Capsugel, the world’s leading provider of innovative dosage forms and solutions for support.

Requiring a dosage form that masked the tablets strong taste, Capsugel recommended their proprietary Press-Fit® gelcap technology which enrobes a caplet with a high-gloss gelatin cover, not only helping to mask taste, but also making the caplet easier to swallow than its original tablet form. And since Press-Fit gelcaps are available in a wide range of colors, they were able to use the brands signature colors for the new line extension and enhance its brand recognition with patients.

“The Press-Fit gelcap size that was required for the new caplet was not something we already had available for order.  It would be the largest Press-Fit capsule ever manufactured by Capsugel, so we conducted a complete development project to make it a possibility for the line extension,” said Dominique Cadé, Director of Polymer Science at Capsugel. “We worked in very close cooperation with the customer to ensure that the product met their expectations 100% and that it was of the high quality they’ve come to expect from Capsugel.”

Capsugel’s consumer studies show that when it comes to dosage forms, consumers significantly prefer gelcoats and capsules over tablets, and Press-Fit gelcaps offer a simple solution for OTC and pharma products to offer a line extension in a preferred form. 

“Capsugel’s Press-Fit gelcaps offer a fast and simple alternative for customers like Sanofi looking to extend their product offerings.  Consumers and patients already perceive capsules and gelcoats to be easier-to-swallow than tablets, so enhancing an existing caplet with Press-Fit gelcaps gives manufacturers a simple way to offer a value-added line extension and differentiate their brand,“  said Erasmo Schutzer, Chief Marketing Officer for Capsugel.

About Capsugel
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