Industry Leaders Explore Benefits of “Added Value Generics” for Improved Therapeutics and Clinical Outcomes

June 19, 2012

Enhanced therapeutics offer a variety of opportunities for innovative medicinal products

BORNEM, BELGIUM, June 19, 2012: More than 270 scientists, industry researchers and policy makers from 38 countries around the world gathered at the 3rd International Regulatory Workshop from A to Z on Bioequivalence, Bioanalysis, Dissolution and Biosimilarity in Budapest to exchange knowledge and work toward solutions for delivering improved therapeutics for patients.

Capsugel’s Sven Stegemann, Ph.D., Director for Pharmaceutical Business Development led today’s session on the role of Added Value Generics. “Drug therapy is moving away from the “one size fits all” treatment approach toward individualized medicines,” he said. “Added Value Generics or Supergenerics are playing an increasingly important role in providing the healthcare industry with cost effective innovative medicinal products.”

Added Value Generics offer an advantage and are different from me-too generic products because they provide a patient centric benefit. Such benefits may include additional dose strengths, modified release formulas to improve adherence and therapeutic outcomes, different color options to help patients more easily identify their medicine and improved dosage forms to make it easier for older patients to swallow them. Importantly, innovations can be achieved without changing the pharmaceutical profile of the product potentially allowing for greater efficiencies in manufacturing and marketing and increased access to medicines in new markets at lower costs.

“Enhanced therapeutics or Added Value Generics will play an increasingly critical role in mature and emerging markets. Access to these therapies will be essential to lowering healthcare costs while improving global health outcomes,” said Professor Imre Klebovich, a co-chair of today’s workshop. “This week’s meeting is intended to engage and unite different stakeholders about how to evaluate bioequivalence of certain dosage forms, optimize existing technologies and improve delivery systems for medicines.

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