Licaps® Fusion Technology Sets Standard for Liquid-Filled Capsules, Unveiled at ICSE/CPhI 2012

October 11, 2012

Expanded Finished Product Manufacturing Facilities Ready for Increased Licaps® Production

MORRISTOWN, NJ and BORNEM, BELGIUM, October 11, 2012 – A global survey[i] of decision-makers in the pharmaceutical industry published this week reveals a technology void in innovative dosage solutions. There is a clear need for innovative delivery technologies that ensure product integrity, increased bioavailability and reduced production-to-market lead time. Capsugel’s novel Fusion Technology for its Licaps capsules aims to fill this gap and set a new standard for liquid and semi-solid lipid based capsules by providing a dosage solution that can be used to meet the needs across a spectrum of challenging compounds. The company showcased its LicapsFusion Technology this week at ICSE/CPhI 2012 taking place in Madrid.  

“We continuously make innovations in our technologies so that we find new and better ways to help customers deliver effective, high quality products,” said Keith Hutchison, PhD, Senior Vice President of R&D at Capsugel. “Our improved Licaps Fusion Technology has been applied to products which received regulatory approval for use in clinical trials as well as products that are now commercially available. Our technology continues to exceed customer expectations.”

The recent completion of Capsugel’s state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the United States makes available additional capacity for the production of Licaps products, adding to existing sites in France and Japan to meet customer needs. The Licaps product manufacturing facility in Greenwood, SC now meets ISO 8 clean room environment standards and its quality systems support all cGMP requirements.

The Licaps® Fusion Technology ensures that the two pieces of the capsules are hermetically sealed together, resulting in a perfectly tight, one-piece capsule. Licaps capsules are gelatin or HPMC hard capsules exclusively designed to optimize liquid filling and sealing. 

Capsugel is a global leader in innovative dosage forms and solutions for the healthcare industry. Offering a comprehensive array of products and services, from hard gelatin, liquid-filled, and vegetarian capsules, to innovative R&D product development services, Capsugel is at the forefront of drug delivery innovation providing support to customers from formulation to final production. For more information about Capsugel, visit


[i] Global Industry Survey, Nice Insights 2012