Lonza Invites Visitors to Discover Innovative Integrated Concepts for Human and Pet Nutrition at SupplySide East 2019

April 03, 2019

Morristown, NJ (USA), 3 April 2019 – Lonza will bring its expanded portfolio of innovative dosage form solutions and technologies to support the evolving human and pet nutrition spaces to this year’s SupplySide East in Secaucus, NJ (USA). Following the acquisition of Capsugel in 2017 and its subsequent advancement of consumer-focused delivery technologies, Lonza is the official capsule sponsor of the show.

At booth F128, Lonza’s Consumer Health & Nutrition team will also showcase its integrated capabilities through its range of science-backed ingredients and market-ready concepts for joint health, sports nutrition, healthy aging and pet nutrition.

Consumer-driven solutions

New consumer insights into the dietary supplements market, commissioned by Lonza, identified that capsules are the leading dosage form for consumers in the United States, primarily due to their convenience. Consumers are, however, also increasingly seeking “unquestionable safety” and “scientific or clinical proof of efficacy” when purchasing supplements, meaning science-backed solutions are more important than ever before.[1]

The insights also revealed that 78% of respondents preferred products that are derived from natural sources. A fast-growing trend, naturally-derived supplement choices have seen a significant increase in consumer preference since 2013.[2] This surge is reflective of the growing demand for plant-based, natural, vegetarian and vegan products.

At SupplySide East, Lonza will highlight its expanding portfolio of science-backed, clean-label supplement ingredient and dosage form solutions to help manufacturers develop or reformulate products to meet consumer needs.

Dosage form matters

Visitors to booth F128 will also have the opportunity to discover Lonza’s proprietary Licaps® technology. Licaps® liquid-filled hard capsules help to deliver functional improvements in bioavailability enhancement, taste and odor masking, combination product development and delayed release. Also on display will be Lonza’s Vcaps® Plus Purple Carrot capsule, the latest addition to its clean-label food-colored capsules. With its shell consisting of hypromellose (HPMC) and water only, the Vcaps® Plus Purple Carrot capsule is colored using the extract of purple carrots and allows manufacturers and brand owners to add color to capsules while supporting a clean-label positioning.

Delegates can also find out more about Lonza’s non-GMO certified DRcaps™ modified release HPMC capsules, which are designed to protect ingredients like probiotics from stomach acidity and moisture.

Ingredient innovations

Lonza’s expanding ingredient offering, including the new Oceanix™ performance nutrition brand, will be a focal point at the show. Oceanix™ is a unique marine phytoplankton ingredient that is sustainably sourced from the ocean. The clean-label Oceanix™ brand offers potential benefits for peak physical performance and recovery in a small, concentrated dose of 25mg/day.

Lonza will also showcase its market-leading concepts for joint health, including its patented UC-II® undenatured type II collagen, which is clinically shown to support joint health and mobility by improving joint comfort and flexibility. The scientifically backed ResistAid® ingredient, offering year-round immune benefits, will also be highlighted on-stand.

In addition to its concepts for joint health and performance nutrition, Lonza will showcase product concepts to support healthy aging and pet nutrition. With consumers’ choices in pet nutrition becoming more closely aligned with their own dietary preferences, Lonza’s UC-II® ingredient offers significant potential in supporting the health and wellbeing of pets, and the team will be highlighting its expanded applications in this space. Lonza was also recently granted U.S. Patent 10,016,382 for its Carniking® L-Carnitine ingredient for active dogs and working animals, which confirmed evidence of the ingredient’s beneficial impact on performance and recovery.

Visitors can find out more about Lonza’s integrated capabilities and innovative portfolio by booking an appointment here to meet the Lonza experts at booth F128, or by visiting the Capsugel.com website here.

About Lonza

Lonza is an integrated solutions provider that creates value along the Healthcare Continuum®. Through our Lonza Pharma Biotech & Nutrition segment and our Lonza Specialty Ingredients segment businesses, we harness science and technology to serve markets along this continuum. We focus on creating a healthy environment, promoting a healthier lifestyle and preventing illness through consumers' preventive healthcare, as well as improving patient healthcare by supporting our customers to deliver innovative medicines that help treat or even cure severe diseases.

Patients and consumers benefit from our ability to transfer our pharma know-how to the healthcare, hygiene and fast-moving consumer goods environment and to the preservation and protection of the world where we live.

Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today is a well-respected global company with more than 100 sites and offices and approximately 15,500 full-time employees worldwide at the end of 2018. The company generated sales of CHF 5.5 billion in 2018 with a CORE EBITDA of CHF 1.5 billion. Further information can be found at www.lonza.com.  

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