Performance Qualification of a New Hyperomellose Capsule Part I and II Now Available

December 12, 2011

Vcaps® Plus, a new high performance hypromellose (HPMC) capsule shell which contains no gelling agent and is dissolution friendly is compared to gelatin and a HPMC capsule containing carrageenan in this two part study from Pharmaceutical Development, Wyeth Research.  The results show the new capsule is superior in terms of mechanical strength, hygroscopicity and compatibility with a wide range of drugs.  The absence of a gelling agent appeared to give the new HPMC capsule advantages in dissolution in acidic media and in buffers containing potassium ions—both of which slowed the drug release of the capsule containing carageenan.  Based on the superior dissolution performances and quality attributes in terms of physical, mechanical and processability, the new hypromellose capsule was satisfactorily qualified and has since been used in nearly 20 investigational new drug (IND) compounds. From the International Journal of Pharmaceutics.

Click here to read Part I of the study. 

Click here to read Part II of the study.