The World's Most Advanced Capsule Plant Opens in China

October 28, 2005

The new plant of Suzhou Capsugel Ltd., a division of Pfizer Inc, officially opened on October 28th 2005, marking it the most advanced capsule production plant based in China.

With more than a century of experience in capsule manufacturing, Capsugel is the largest manufacturer of hard gelatin capsules in the world, with over 50% of global market share. Suzhou Capsugel Ltd. (SCL), the joint venture set up by Capsugel in 1988, has grown into the number one capsule manufacturer in the country.

Every stage of the capsule production process in SCL's new plant is controlled by highly-automated computer systems, ensuring reliable and consistent product quality. Furthermore, SCL has invested in employment of Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques and is the first capsule manufacturer in China to formally launch a 6-sigma Quality Initiative, further enhancing quality consistency and reliability of its products.

In addition to quality manufacturing processes and industry leading standards of cleanliness, SCL's use of superior raw materials means that there is no use of harmful preservatives, which other capsule manufacturers in China do use.

Suzhou Capsugel Ltd. has been honored as one of the top 10 JVs in China for its market success and significant contribution to the country's capsule industry. The launch of the new plant will no doubt bring a new breeze to the industry.

Mr. Charles Danjaut, Pfizer, Capsugel Division Vice President, and SCL Chairman, ascribes the popularity of SCL products to their high quality: The high machineability and low defect ratio mean great profit margin for the customers, while the application of quality gelatin materials and preservative free process enables SCL to achieve a product safety level that no other domestic counterparts can equal.

As GMP certification on drug makers is drawing to an end, the government reportedly is considering the initiation of GMP certification on pharmaceutical excipients. Invited by SFDA, SCL participated in the GMP standard drafting for China's pharmaceutical excipient industry. The industry insiders believe that a quality-driven capsule market will lead this dynamic industry in the future, and that's the reason CAPSUGEL is confident to invest more in the local market.