Amaryllis Turman

Global Trade Compliance Administrator

Greenwood, South Carolina, USA

Over the course of my 16 years at Capsugel’s Greenwood facility, I have been involved in both ends of the journey taken by a Capsugel product. Beginning in warehouse receiving, I ensured that raw materials being delivered to the site were tracked properly in inventory. When I later worked in the shipping department, I ensured that finished products got out the door and delivered to customers on time and with no issues.

That full-circle experience paved the way for my current role as Global Trade Compliance Administrator. Today, I continuously monitor government regulations in the countries in which we do business to ensure that the materials we order and products we make can cross borders successfully and compliantly. Customer demands are constantly increasing and evolving, so it’s important that there is little to no delay in the movement of goods — whether it’s imported materials coming into the sites or finished products being shipped out. It’s my job to stay on top of and interpret government trade regulations, and ensure that all Capsugel sites understand and implement the regulations in their countries.

In addition to my day job, I am involved in our sustainability initiatives here at the Greenwood site. Through this program, we have generated cost savings for the company while significantly reducing waste.

When I’m not keeping up with global regulatory requirements or providing export control policy training for colleagues, I use my time to help those around me — both at work and in my local community. For example, I am involved in a sustainability initiative at Capsugel’s Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) here in Greenwood. Through this project, we divert waste from the local landfill by promoting recycling, securing buyers for cardboard and metal waste, and replacing paper towel dispensers with hand dryers. Not only does this generate cost savings for the company, but our efforts have also resulted in 80 percent average waste reduction at the end of 2016. This program is just one of many other countless initiatives that shows Capsugel does its part to take care of the communities in which we operate.

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