Liu Yuan

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Suzhou, China

As Business Development and Marketing Manager at Capsugel’s facility in Suzhou, China, my team and I support the launches of new products, such as PEG (Polyethylene Glycol – a solution used in Traditional Chinese Medicine products), Licaps® and Vcaps® Plus capsules, and execute customer satisfaction improvement projects, including Technical Service upgrades. In addition, we create and execute a master marketing plan for Capsugel’s China business.

But my connection to Capsugel did not start with my current role; in fact, it started before I even joined the company. In 2000, when I was a sophomore at China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), I was the recipient of a scholarship that Capsugel funds every year. Then in 2006, after I graduated with a master’s degree, I had the opportunity to join the company as a colleague. I took the job and began my career as a regulatory officer, working with the Deputy General Manager on a new product registration with the China Food and Drug Administration. Over the next decade, I took on roles in other departments within the Capsugel China organization, eventually landing in my current role, which I love.

The most exciting part of my job is being able to work on new projects and bring new ideas to the table. To make progress on an idea and see it actually happen is incredibly rewarding. 

Capsugel’s unique culture is what makes the job enjoyable.

And I like that we work in an environment that embraces change and encourages colleagues to speak their minds.

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