animal nutrition capsules and ingredients

Following the lead of human dietary supplements that help heart, bone, joint and eye conditions, pet supplements have expanded beyond the pill form and are being formulated in various dosage forms. As a result, nutritional supplements for companion animals has become one of the fastest growing markets as pet parents seek products to help their pets stay healthy. 

Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients, a leader in innovative dosage forms, partners with pet pharmaceutical companies and animal nutrition manufacturers to design, develop and manufacture animal health supplements and medicines. Our range of technologies helps to improve bioavailability, targeted delivery, taste and odor masking, in a wide range of innovative delivery dosage options, especially designed for pet parents. 

Industry Leading Animal Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Options

With our expertise in science and engineering, we help animal health and nutrition companies and pet medicine manufacturers tackle their most challenging formulation issues. 

of dogs liked the flavor-coated and filled Licaps Capsules
consumed the flavor-coated and filled Licaps capsule

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