clean label

Lonza offers proprietary Capsugel® capsule products that allow brands to capitalize on the growing demand for clean label products that have become so prevalent across many global markets. Seeking new ways to take control of their health, consumers are increasingly turning to dietary supplements to help promote healthy living and aging.

Global consumer demand for product quality, traceability of ingredients, and elimination of additives has set the stage for the advent of the clean label movement. This is a key reason the demand for our vegetarian capsules continues to increase.

 In the US, the desire for clean label products is compelling:

  • 78% of supplement users want supplements from natural sources
  • 59% feel non-GMO is important
  • 56% want plant-based ingredients
  • 58% want no sodium
  • 34% want gluten-free
  • 21% feel Kosher or Halal certified is important

Around the world, consumers are willing to pay more for what they want.

Source: NMI Supplement, Over-the-Counter,and Rx Database (SORD) 2015. Capsugel proprietary

The Clean Label Portfolio

Our plant-based Capsugel® capsules are free of additives-, allergens, starch, and gluten as well as certified non-GMO, Kosher, and Halal. 

Advances in polymer science led to the development of Vcaps® Plus capsules, a plant-based option produced without secondary gelling agents for faster, more consistent dissolution, a premium glossy appearance and superb filing line machine run-ability.  

Vcaps® Plus capsules are available for powder and  liquid fills through our proprietary Licaps® liquid filling and sealing technology. As such, they represent the first non-GMO verified encapsulated delivery of liquids. Composed of vegetal origin products, acid-resistant DRcaps® capsules provide an easy-to-use, coating-free dosage form which provides protection from stomach acid for acid sensitive ingredients like probiotics and enzymes, and can be used by most consumers regardless of cultural, religious or dietary boundaries.

Plantcaps® capsules are suitable for use with organic food supplements marketed in the US and Europe. Made of pullulan, Plantcaps® capsules are derived from tapioca and are a water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a natural fermentation process. These capsules offer the best oxygen barrier of all plant-based products, masking pungent odors and protecting sensitive ingredients.

The Capsugel® portfolio of  plant-based, vegetarian capsules provide excellent, high-quality encapsulation solutions for health and nutrition manufacturers that are in step with consumer preferences.

Requirements for Clean Labeling

  • Free of additives, preservatives, allergens, starch and gluten
  • Non-GMO
  • Approved by the Vegetarian Society
  • Vegan Certified


Clean Label Ingredients - Wide Market Growth

Clean label growth is also tied to the growth of specific markets. The portfolio is building momentum because individual capsules are excellent forms of delivery for ingredients in fast-growing categories such as digestive health, sports nutrition, healthy aging and nutritional oils.

Clean Label Gelatin - The Global Clean Label Capsules for Those Who Value Purity

Coni-Snap® gelatin capsules are available in all-bovine composition free from all synthetic excipients such as SLS and mag stearate and meeting all global customs and regulatory requirements. We are taking traceability to a new global level for discerning consumer health and nutrition consumers. With excellent oxygen barrier properties and a beautiful shine, they meet the needs of consumers looking for clean label products worldwide.