empty vegetarian capsules

With consumers becoming increasingly interested in the quality and origin of their food supplements, the demand for animal-free or vegetarian supplements is growing. To meet this demand and consumer interest, Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients is continuously investing in research and development to bring new solutions for the effective delivery of supplements in the vegetarian market.

Market Demand Is Growing

Consumers desire for a healthy balanced lifestyle has grown for all supplement use from 62% in 2007 to 79% in 2015. And in 2015, 44% of US supplement users said that vegetarian ingredients are important when choosing a supplement, up from 26% in 2006.  What’s more, vegetarian aware consumers are powerful shoppers:

  • Vegetarian aware consumers take more supplements than the general population-an average 3.1 supplements per day versus 2.4
  • 63% report that they prefer to buy supplements that have specific health claims
  • 54% are brand loyal to the supplements that they use and regularly purchase those same brands

Source: NMI SORD Study, 2015.  2000 respondents – projectable to within +/-1.2%

Lonza Has the Right Vegetarian Solution

Today’s supplement consumers are more discerning and informed than ever before. This young, ethnically diverse and global market is looking for plant-based food supplement products with no pesticides or preservatives. That why it’s important to evaluate the right capsule for a vegetarian supplement including product and market requirements. 

Is the supplement moisture or heat sensitive, acid or oxygen sensitive? Is the odor of the ingredient an issue? Does the supplement need to dissolve quickly in the stomach or slowly in the digestive tract?  

In addition, the target market and the consumer must be considered. Who is the target market and are they looking for organic or premium natural products? Is this a line extension opportunity that will allow you to improve the convenience to the consumer base? (E.g. does the product reduce reflux or help to eliminate unpleasant smelling ingredients?) Will this product target certain religious groups?

Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients offers the right solution with empty vegetarian capsules. With the largest installed base of capsule manufacturing capacity, we stand ready to leverage more than 100 years of experience in developing polymers, setting the supply chain and providing the technical and quality assurance support.

The Right Fit. The Right Partner

With a growing portfolio of empty vegetarian capsules, our product range includes vegetarian ingredients such as pine-derived plant cellulose or fermented tapioca—100% safe and traceable.  Furthermore, each Capsugel® vegetarian capsule shell product is preservative free, Non-GMO, as well as biodegradable.

Our advanced product range is Non-GMO, Preservative Free, Allergen Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Starch Free

Capsugel® Empty Vegetarian Capsules

We offer a wide range of plant-derived capsule material, designs, sizes and titanium-dioxide free colors to best solve the challenges of finding the right vegetarian solution. All manufactured under the highest quality manufacturing standards in the industry in pharmaceutical grade state-of-the art facilities utilizing proprietary technologies.