filled hard capsules and formulation services

Innovation in delivery form has been a growing trend in the Nutraceuticals industry. Brand marketers have evolved from offering simple forms to adding unique new forms of delivery as product extensions. Lonza’s Licaps® liquid-filled capsules from the Capsugel® portfolio has led in product innovation to expand appeal, improve bioavailability and product performance. Now the portfolio has extended into exciting combination delivery systems to include beadlets-in-capsules, capsules-in-capsules and lipid multiparticulates. 

Filled Hard Capsules Through Proprietary Delivery Technologies

Lonza’s Capsugel® portfolio of products and services address a broad spectrum of delivery technologies and applications to help you develop custom supplements to meet consumer demand. These filled and finished capsules are created through proprietary manufacturing which maintains quality and consistency in the final finished form. 

Depending on the properties and form of your ingredients, we can assist you in designing a unique finished product and then manufacture and deliver it to you for your packaging, labeling and branding. Our formulation services, combined with intimate knowledge and expertise for all major global health and nutrition markets, helps you speed-to-market high performance, consumer preferred products. 

Attitude and usage preferences for various oral dosage forms across a variety of product categories. The below graphs show consumers preferences for products vs. importance vs. industry averages.

Source: Capsugel US Dosage Form A&U Study, January 2013