functional capsules

Consumers love capsules because they are easy to swallow, but innovations in delivery form have also given them new roles to play in delivering health and nutrition ingredients. 

What about people who have a hard time swallowing any pill? 

What about delivering supplements to animals? 

How can you make a tablet more like a capsule? 

These questions and more are answered by the innovative Capsugel® delivery forms Lonza has engineered to give new functionality to a favorite consumer form—the capsule.

Source: Capsugel Solid Oral Dosage Study, 2009

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Study of consumer preferences: Solid oral dosage forms
Capsugel® DRcaps® capsules - Achieve delayed release properties for nutritional ingredients in human clinical study
Whitepaper: Accelerating pre-clinical and clinical trial pathways with target dose technology
Low-moisture Vegetarian Capsules

With moisture reduced to <2.5%, low-moisture Vcaps® Plus, Vcaps® and DRcaps®  are ideal options for moisture sensitive ingredients like probiotics and some enzymes.

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Capsules for Pets

Help improve the performance of nutritional supplements and make them more appealing to pets.

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