healthy aging

Healthy food, fitness and sleep habits may not be enough to help consumers seeking to slow down father time. As consumers age, their needs change as do their behaviors.  They will not turn back the clock, but they can choose to live better which supports their vitality. 

With a wealth of consumer research and insight, we can help you better understand which health supplement products can help you reach consumers in the healthy aging market.

New Science. Deep Experience.

Lonza’s broad portfolio of capsules and ingredients for health supplement products, includes Capsugel® capsules, either gelatin or plant-based, for liquid or powder fills, and research-supported ingredients help our customers meet the needs of the healthy aging market.

Our innovative dosage forms and a variety of technical applications support multiple release profiles, novel or incompatible combinations, and enhanced product performance.

Index of Dietary Supplement Consumers vs. General Public indicating that they are very likely to use supplements to manage or prevent the following conditions

Source: NMI SORD Study, 2015
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