specialty vitamins

Consumers are informed and engaged in their health care management and they are seeking specialty vitamins. Specialty vitamins/supplements formulations are designed to support specific functions or structures in the body—joint health, eye health, immune support, and cardiovascular performance to name a few. The difference from traditional supplementation is that this community seeks simplicity, traceability and ingredients with proof of effectiveness. They want to know exactly what they are getting and where it came from. This means that sometimes less is more. By eliminating ingredients they don’t want from their specialty vitamin formulation, they are more satisfied.

A Broad Spectrum of Vitamin Capsule Solutions

Lonza’s Capsugel® portfolio of products and services address a broad spectrum of delivery technologies and applications to help you tailor your vitamin products to meet consumer demand. Our range of technologies for empty vitamin capsules help our customers enhance bioavailability, targeted delivery, swallowability, taste and order masking while also enabling combination products and innovative dosage forms.

Custom Vitamin Formulation for Better Efficacy

Lonza assists in formulation science to maximize the absorption and efficacy of ingredient using technologies like solubility ingredients to support better absorption. Capsule technology enables acid-resistance without coatings, choice of dissolution, fewer excipients, and improved consumer experiences.

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