taste & odor masking

Successful taste and odor masking of ingredients strengthens your brand while helping to improve the consumer experience.

Invented with Taste in Mind

The first gelatin capsule was invented in 1834 to mask the taste of medicinal compounds. We understand that taste and smell remain a very important factor in whether your product is accepted by consumers, so to this day Lonza continues to perfect taste and odor masking across all our capsule products. 

Because the gelatin and vegetarian polymers used to create Capsugel® capsules are virtually tasteless and odorless, they are able to effectively seal in the contents so people can’t smell or taste what’s inside, something tablets and other dosage forms may not do. This barrier could be a deciding factor on whether consumers buy your supplement again in the future.

Our capsules offer a variety of taste and odor masking benefits including:

  • No need for harsh coatings
  • Added convenience and improved product loyalty
  • Increased potential to attract more consumers

A Solution for Health and Nutrition Products

Capsugel® DRcaps® capsules offer dietary supplement makers a dosage form with significant consumer and manufacturing appeal - a vegetarian capsule with unique properties that can slow down capsule opening after swallowing. 

By protecting against early disintegration DRcaps® capsules reduce the potential for unpleasant odors, after-taste and reflux from supplements such as garlic or valerian root.  In addition, consumers prefer capsules because they consider them easier to swallow and gentle on the stomach. 

Plantcaps® capsules have the highest oxygen barrier properties of the vegetarian portfolio. In contracted tests * they had the best odor barrier of all vegetarian capsules. Plantcaps® capsules are non-GMO verified, KO and OU Kosher certified as well as Vegetarian Society approved and Vegan approved.

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