enrobing gelcap technology

As the leading global gelatin-capsule manufacturer, Lonza understands the unique benefits of gelcaps better than anyone and works closely with clients to help transform their brands.

Consumers prefer gelcaps

Studies over the last two decades show that consumers continue to increasingly favor gelcoat products over tablets and caplets. In the latest study conducted, 750 consumers in 25 major markets, were surveyed to determine dosage form preference and purchase intent based on various attributes. Consumers overwhelmingly chose gelcoat products. Consumers prefer this attractive product form over tablets and caplets because they are easy to swallow, work quickly and there is no unpleasant odor or aftertaste.

Tablet and Caplet versus Capsugel® Gelcap*

Preference of Solid Oral Dosage Forms*

*Study of Consumer Preferences: Solid Oral Dosage Forms, U.S Bold numbers are significantly higher than tablets at the 90% level of confidence.

Improving Drug Delivery and Brand Equity

As the leading global gelatin capsule manufacturer, Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients understands the unique benefits of gelcaps and works closely with clients to help transform their brands based on their unique market dynamics. Gelcaps are created by taking a caplet and enrobing it with two gelatin halves to form an attractive dosage form. Capsugel® Press-Fit® and XPress-Fit® Gelcap proprietary technology provides an achievable path to market differentiation and brand equity in a highly preferred OTC form. 

While our traditional Press-Fit® gelcaps totally enrobe a caplet core between two high-gloss gelatin coatings, our XPress-Fit® technology achieves a faster disintegration time by leaving an exposed center portion of the caplet. This patented technology allows for rapid-release by allowing gastric fluid to enter the exposed center portion and accelerate gelcap disintegration. Studies have shown that consumers worldwide recognize rapid effect as one of the most positive attributes of XPress-Fit® gelcaps which can lead to just as rapid sales growth.

Our proprietary enrobing gelcap technology is very difficult to mimic and enables brands to create a new look for their product with minimal effort and without having to reformulate. Our customers turn to us for this easy-to-apply application as a way to overcome challenges with brand differentiation or for a quick-to-market line extension.

Unique Color and Customization

Lonza’s gelcaps can be uniquely configured to fit any branding goals, including single-color unibody design, two-color variations, and transparent halves that show the caplet surface. Logos and printing can also be applied for complete product differentiation.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Unlike competing gel-enrobed technologies, Lonza gelcaps can be easily manufactured in-house without prohibitive investment, or can be outsourced. Lonza has collaborated with IMA, a leading manufacturer of capsule filling machines, to help you implement a robust process that is easy to install and operate without additional sealing. Lonza has a proven track record of seamless technical transfer to manufacturing locations globally.

Product Development That Works For You

We supply an array of services supporting our capsule and encapsulation offering that can efficiently and effectively reduce product development timelines. These include:

  • Fast track R&D capsule offering, including a full library of R&D capsule samples and fast-track manufacturing of customized capsules for R&D stability trials.
  • Customized color selection assistance and a global Color Selector tool called Build Your Own Capsule
  • Documentation immediately available on a customer portal
  • Proprietary laboratory scale equipment for both powder and liquid formulations.

NOTE: Some products are not available in Japan.