inhalation capsules

The number of inhalation formulations for nasal and pulmonary drug delivery continue to grow, driven by the prevalence of respiratory diseases, especially chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Lonza offers an inhalation drug-delivery approach based on proven particle engineering through spray-drying technology, as well as specially designed capsules for dry-powder inhalation (DPI) drug application

Specialized Enabling Technologies for inhalation formulations

In response to evolving market trends, regulatory guidance and customers’ needs, Lonza has developed specialized enabling technologies and capabilities to address a range of inhalation formulation challenges. Specialized formulation expertise based on particle engineering and specialized inhalant capsule technologies provides a major drug-development opportunity for nasal and pulmonary drug delivery. 

Dry-powder-inhalation technology using engineered particles has become the preferred approach for inhalation formulation – compared to other dry-powder technologies or aerosols. 

Lonza’s capabilities provide three effective capabilities for inhalation dosage forms:

  • Inhalation formulation and process design using particle engineering
  • Specialized filling equipment to deal with the low dose and handling requirements for inhalation drug products
  • A full range of custom-engineered dry-powder-inhalation capsules
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