sprinkle capsules

The population of patients who have difficulty swallowing is increasing rapidly. Important and sizable impacted groups include children, elderly patients, as well as those suffering from specific diseases that can include compromised swallowability / dysphagia symptoms (e.g. Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Epilepsy). And as this market continues to grow, pharmaceutical and health care companies are looking for innovative drug delivery options that meet specific drug profile requirements.

A New Generation of Patient-Centric Capsules

To overcome the many challenges associated with pediatric and geriatric drug development, we offer a new generation of patient-centric capsules specifically designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population that has difficulty swallowing. Complementary technologies and expertise have been developed to combine the benefits and flexibility of multi-particulate formulations, lipid-based technologies, and capsule delivery. Our Coni-Snap® Sprinkle capsules leverage these technologies to offer a convenient oral dosing option. 

Coni-Snap® Sprinkle capsules are specifically designed to be easily opened by patients and care-givers, enabling them to dose the contents of the capsule in a consistent manner. They offer a novel and distinctive way to sprinkle drugs on food or in beverages without compromising on quality, safety or efficacy. The innovative capsule design makes the 'sprinkling' of the drugs much easier, simpler and self-manageable for a large majority of patients or care-givers.

The Key Difference

The key difference is the design. The locking mechanism on standard hard capsules requires sufficient grip strength and dexterity to reopen the capsule. Coni-Snap® Sprinkle capsules replace that with an innovative closure much easier and safer to open. And it can be filled on the same machines as traditional capsules, while remaining in place during packaging and transportation.

Proven Easy to Use

Consumer tests have confirmed that Coni-Snap® sprinkle capsules are easier to open than traditional capsules. In fact, 81% of participants — including parents, caregivers and elderly patients — described the design as easy or very easy to open.

81% of consumers say our sprinkle capsules are easy or very easy to open.

Saves Times, Money and Headaches

Reformulating a product into a liquid or an ODT and identifying a delivery format adapted to specific patient groups used to be cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. But with Coni-Snap® Sprinkle — which is specially adapted to the established processes of multi-particulates or beads formulations — there’s no need for complex reformulation or altered production processing.

Extending the Reach

For decades, Coni-Snap® capsules have been the product of choice for pharmaceuticals and health care companies worldwide. Their unique patented design provides outstanding quality in both product compliance and integrity. With multiple sizes, colors and printing options they have a wide range of applications — and Coni-Snap® can be also customized to meet specific drug profile requirements, making them a unique and innovative delivery system.