Capsule Filling Optimization: A guide to performance, trouble shooting, and output optimization

September 07, 2017

Manufacturing of encapsulated actives continues to grow as patient cohorts become more targeted, timelines fast-tracked, and active ingredients more susceptible to degradation in traditional manufacturing processes. Beginning with R&D organizations choosing the right capsule polymer all the way to production operators optimizing their equipment, there are strategies that can help make the process to commercialization faster, easier, and more successful.

In this webinar, black-belt technical service engineers and polymer experts will take you through current trends that are impacting pharmaceutical capsule production and steps you can take to optimize yield and ensure success.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to choose the right capsule design, polymer, and size in the formulation phase
  • Why formulation decisions and machine optimization are keys to successful manufacturing
  • The advantage of standardized methods and training to ensure quality output

Presented by:

  • Stephen Rode - Manager, Bio-pharmaceutical Business Development – Capsugel
  • Paul G. Davis - Senior Technical Service Engineer – Capsugel
  • John Davidson - Director, Supply Chain & Quality Engineering Services – Capsugel


Meg Snyder – Editor - Pharmaceutical Processing

Replay Here