Delivery Matters: Capsule Choice Shapes Supplement Success

April 29, 2020

Delivery Matters: Capsule Choice Shapes Supplement Success

Original Air Date: Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 

From polymer choice and release profile, to ingredient protection and machinability, in this webinar viewers can discover why choice of dosage form matters for dietary supplements. Key experts from Lonza will present consumer data to inform innovative product concepts and design, as well as discussing how to address key challenges in supplement formulations using the latest capsule technologies.

Key insights will include:

  • Proprietary data on consumer supplement preferences and health concerns
  • Capsule technologies to enhance delivery and overcome common formulation challenges
  • How to optimize consumer experience and meet their evolving values and aspirations

Our speakers:

  • Tyler White
    Associate Director of Innovation and Product Development Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition
  • Vaughn Dubow
    North American Marketing Manager Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition
  • Andy Yorkin
    President Brandhive
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