Webinar - Enabling Formulations of Poorly Absorbable Drugs with Capsule Solutions

May 18, 2021


Event Overview

NameEnabling Formulations of Poorly Absorbable Drugs with Capsule Solutions

Original Air Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

As the pharmaceutical developers transition from blockbuster APIs to niche busters, they are facing new challenges with formulating poorly absorbable APIs. This webcast will provide a brief overview of the market dynamics and discuss in detail possible oral dosage form solutions to help overcome challenges with bioavailability and absorption of complex drug formulations.  

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Provide a better understanding of lipid-based formulations and how they help improve bioavailability.
  • Discuss amorphous solid dispersions and how it can improve absorption.
  • Review possible oral dosage form solutions and tips on how to choose the right capsule to meet development requirements.

Who Should Watch:

Research and development scientists, formulation scientists

Meet our Speakers


Matt Richardson, PhD.
Manager Pharmaceutical Business Development
Lonza Capsules and Health Ingredients

For more than 13 years, Matt has worked with many pharmaceutical and nutraceutical customers to understand the formulation and delivery aspects of their products with two-piece hard capsules. He has been an invited speaker at numerous seminars and webinars on topics of hard capsules, polymer science, gelatin crosslinking, capsules for use in delayed release, as well as DPI-based inhalation. He is a graduate of Wofford College, holds a doctorate in synthetic organic chemistry from Wake Forest University, and a post-doctoral appointment at Virginia Tech. Prior to his work with Lonza, Matt has worked in API process development as well as project management.


Vincent Jannin, PhD.
Head of Applications Lab
Lonza Capsules and Health Ingredients

Vincent Jannin has been head of the R&D applications lab, at Lonza since June 2020. He joined Lonza as manager oral drug delivery innovation in January 2019. Previously, he held diverse positions up to research director - pharmaceuticals at Gattefossé (1998–2018). He was also lecturer at Lyon University from 2003–2019 where he taught formulation sciences for topical and transdermal dosage forms. Vincent has published 64 publications in peer-reviewed journals (GS h-index=32), five patent families, three book chapters, 74 meeting abstracts, and given 62 lectures as invited speaker on lipid-based systems.

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